Elitist. (via Wikimedia)

History Ph.D. candidate, CC instructor, and HuffPo columnist Meghan Doherty tells the world about Plato’s Republic. And calls you all “elite.” (HuffPo)

Did you know that Ivy League football players can make it to the NFL? Will that change your mind about going to football games this season? (Bloomberg)

A new Columbia University Center for Medicine as a Profession (yes) study calls for more disclosure of authors’ financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies. You can read the paper here. (WSJ/Archives of Internal Medicine)

Ethically questionable U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel won his primary yesterday. (NYT)

Nightline—the late-night counseling line for Columbia and Barnard—is holding their first info session for prospective counselors tonight at 9:00 in Lerner. To see their other times/locations or find out more see their website.

Update: Mitt Romney will not be coming to the Millenium Campus Conference. After all that! (Spec)