Bwog contributor Lily Icangelo wandered into an art exhibition in Dodge showing through Thursday.

You only have to pass Dodge, Milbank, or Lerner so many times before viewing them as mere obtrusive chunks of space keeping you from the finer things of life, such as break dancing to Destiny’s Child on the lawn. In reality, the buildings of our school actually hold some pretty awesome things, from adorably ancient Slavic Language professors to thousands of scores of music.

One such gem hanging out in Dodge (for a limited time only!) is the Visual Arts Alumni Exhibition at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery located in room 310. Ten to fifteen minutes is all you really need to look at each piece in the show, making the gallery the perfect place to decompress after that strenuous ear training class you just walked out of.

The exhibit features a wide range of mediums including oil painting, sculpture, printmaking/woodblock, and video art. Some works certainly pop out, including Anna Craycroft’s “The Agency of the Orphan.” But be careful not to stumble over it (as this Bwogger so embarrassingly did) as it’s placed in the middle of the gallery. Other noteworthy pieces include a video and two mixed media pieces by Mary Simpson and two vibrant works by Arlen Austin entitled “Let’s face it we are undone by each other” and “Let your nonanthropomorphic caring be accountable to irreducible difference.”

The gallery was not crowded on Tuesday morning, but surprisingly students started walking in to stroll around the gallery—not because the show is not worth seeing, but because, well, it was early on a Tuesday morning. So stop by the art gallery before it closes on Thursday. Its hours are 9am–5pm.

Photos by Lily Icangelo