Boringside Heights: Why Does Everything Cost (More) Money?

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Everything has increased in price, but luckily, life has improved ever so slightly here in Morningside.

  • Pastries in Nussbaum¬†have labels. What’s life without a little bit of mystery?
  • Mel’s fry deal: Fries are now $1.75 with a burger and soda/draft beer. (Fries are usually $4.)
  • There’s a new mushroom salad topping at the salad bar at Maoz.
  • Huzzah! Brand new photocopiers in Butler.
  • There’s new rose-flavored tea and coffee at Tea Magic.
  • John Jay is charging for take-out boxes.
  • To McBain residents’ delight, McBain has a different brand of soap.
  • Oren’s is now 10 cents more expensive, but on a happier note–cider is back!!
  • Hewitt now has “RedHot” hotsauce.
  • New cup holders at Blue Java read “Early bird gets the job.”

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  1. Androgynous  

    once again, Hewitt wins

  2. Anonymous

    WTF, Ricky's is getting another outpost?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  3. ColumGirl

    Because its NYC britches

  4. Old School Columbia  

    When in the course of inhuman events, a student body deems it necessary to revolt against its food supplier, it is appropriate that they should list their grievances.

    In light of the violence done to JJ's place (by eliminating nearly all of the good food sold there), John Jay dining hall (as mentioned above), Ferris Booth (nuff said):

    I propose a protest. Boycott JJ's. Boycott Ferris. Boycott takeout at John Jay. Bring back the old school.

    -The Ghosts of the Federalists: John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, that-other-guy-who's-school-can't-play-football.

  5. I've Been  

    boycotting John Jay for the past 3 years. Not for any philosophical reasons, just because you'd have to be insane to spend $12 for rotten tomatoes and thin tomato sauce. Unfortunately, my boycott has rung hollow in Columbia's ears :-(

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