WBAR Showcase 2010

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Friday night at the Diana Event Oval, Bwog joined pleasantly not-that-sparse ranks of WBAR fans to see its showcase of campus bands. It was fun! The line-up featured a mix of styles, and included both undergrads and grad students:

Puppy Cops
Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans
Dr. Blount

If your band is interested in playing on campus, or would like to get involved with WBAR, e-mail [email protected].

Photography by Jonno Rattman

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  1. Anonymous

    A lot of thought must have gone into the name "Puppy Cops."

  2. cc '13  


  3. puppy cops  

    don't worry, we've got it all under control.

  4. justin  

    thanks for coming :) i had a lot of fun, hope everyone else did too

  5. who is  

    the kid in the blue shirt?

    i'm in love.

  6. we are puppies and we are cops  

    PUPPPPPPPPPIESSSSSSSSSSS, yo son, let's collab and make phat ass beats

  7. WBAR  

    ay yo! thanks for puttin this up!

    We are also accepting executive staff applications this week if you're interested in getting involved, and there are a few open timeslots for radio shows still. For more info on concerts/events, in-studio performances/interviews, playlists and more check out the WBLOG at http://wbar.wordpress.com

  8. irrelevant  

    what's with the whole barnard sisters and sororities thing on facebook?

  9. BLOUNT  



  10. curious

    Many of the names are creative, but one is particularly conspicuous. What is the motivation behind "young republicans?"


    puppy cops best band ever

  12. Anonymous

    I'm surprised to see that Puppy Cops is unsigned.

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