Find Love on the CU Rally Bus

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It's like the Woodstock of our generation--kind of. Anyway, the bus should look like this.

Columbians Jordan Schau and Justin Turetsky want you to ride their bus. For $49.99, this magic bus will take you from the Broadway gates to the Lincoln Memorial for Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive. It’s all happening on October 30th.

How’d J&J come up with such an ingenious plan? According to Jordan, “the idea came to us in a dream (simultaneous dreams).” It’s like Glee and Inception, combined!

Honestly, a Ulysses S. Grant is a lot to shell out, especially since Arianna Huffington already pledged free bus rides. And there’s no Ms. Frizzle on this bus. Womp Womp.

But Jordan and Justin can promise something priceless: love. “Not only do I think people will find love on this bus,” says Jordan. “I am operating under the assumption that I will find my wife.” Cheers to that.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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  1. relevant  

    HuffPost free buses ftw.

  2. 2O13

    y'all forgot to put the date of this grand event! it's on october 30th, for all who are interested.
    also re: picture, how does a bus like things? no wait...IF IT'S A MAGIC BUS OF COURSE IT LIKES THINGS DUH IT HAS POWERS!

  3. Eliza  

    you're the best!

  4. Sounds like  

    a complete and total ripoff. Why would I pay fifty when I can go for free? That would violate the basic law of demand.

  5. Anonymous

    It's just a rented coach bus.

  6. Yo  

    this "womp womp" thing you're doing, Bwog-is that supposed to be an onomatopoeia of the embarrassed trombone sound? I just...why does that need to be in print? Now whenever I hear that sound, it'll just be in my head as "womp womp." The purity of the embarrassed trombone is gone.

  7. nathan a  

    why not give 49.99 to charity?

  8. Anonymous  

    who knows what kind of creeps you might encounter on the HuffPo bus? This guaranteed to be safer. Also booze will probably be allowed.

  9. dig it  

    odds are the huffpo busses will be insane (bolt and megas are selling out quick/already sold out)

    this is pricey, I'd say the upshot is it's hassle free cause it's direct from campus to the rally and back.

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