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Columbia already has too many damn acronyms, nicknames, and portmanteaus, but people just love coming up with more. This time, we’ve compiled a little list of classes out there that have been commonly referred to not by their actual course names, but by some other metonym. We like these, and it would do humanity a great favor to keep this list going, so let us know some unusual names you’ve called your classes in the comments!

  • Apocalypse! (Millennium: Apocalypse and Utopia)
  • CoFi (Corporate Finance)
  • Foner (The United States In the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction)
  • FroSci (Frontiers of Science)
  • Glurb (Global Urbanism)
  • Hot Madam (History of the Modern Middle East)
  • ‘Metrics (Econometrics)
  • Xavier (Intermediate Macroeconomics)

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  1. Anonymous  

    Comparative Ethnic Studies = CESpool

  2. Anonymous  

    SciRi (Science and Religion)
    HoP (History of Philosophy I/II)

  3. EBHS!

    Apes, Apes, Apes! (The Biology, Systematics, and Evolutionary History of the Apes)

  4. Anonymous  

    Mowsh- Biology c2005, c2006

    also, back in my day Frontiers of Science was just called Frontiers....

    Phys v1200- Pre-med physics

  5. brostoevsky  

    dick ants - joyce

  6. Anonymous  

    Weapons, Strategy, and War = War Party

  7. Anonymous  

    what is all the ruckus outside on 113th?


  8. POE!  

    Principles of Economics - POE (like Edgar Allen)

  9. #correction  

    Bwog, shouldn't the title be "Classes By Any Other Name"?

  10. CC '11  

    Corporate Finance = Corpfin (not CoFi?)

  11. Since when

    is Frontiers of Science FroSci? In my day, we called it Frontiers.

  12. math

    AnOp! (Analysis & Optimization)

  13. sheila&bruce  

    "susan" (intermediate microeconomics)

  14. sociology of sexuality  


  15. Anonymous

    Performative Cultures of the Third Reich = Nazis/Nazi Theater

  16. Anonymous  

    Udub= University writing

  17. if it still exists

    Radical Democracy Since the French Revolution=Rad Dem

  18. Ooo  

    approve! Also, UWrite. Really, that's all you do in that friggin' course, (yo)UWrite.

  19. for anthro

    Interpretation of Cultures = Intercult
    Intro to Social and Cultural Theory = Soccult
    Precolumbian Histories of Native America = PCHONA (Puh Chona or Precolumbian for boring people)

  20. Anonymous

    L&R will never die!

  21. Anonymous  

    History of Sexuality in the United States = Sex Class

  22. Anonymous  

    RoPo = Romantic Poetry
    MoPo = Modern Poetry
    VicPo = Victorian Poetry (but this one isn't as good.)

  23. Physucks  

    and Statisucks

  24. Anonymous  

    FroSci is just an embarrassing metronym, that sounds more like a dessert than anything else, concocted by the now sophomore class. It'll always be Frontiers.

  25. foner  

    why white people suck 101

  26. Anonymous  

    Introduction to Translation Studies = Tranny

  27. literary criticism

    Lit Crit. I love this one because if you say it too fast you end up saying something else.

  28. Anonymous  

    Whatever they both sound like ass rape

  29. Anonymous

    Mechanics of Solids with Xi Chen.

    Chen at Ten!

  30. latin american civilization  


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