What? Who?

Columbia already has too many damn acronyms, nicknames, and portmanteaus, but people just love coming up with more. This time, we’ve compiled a little list of classes out there that have been commonly referred to not by their actual course names, but by some other metonym. We like these, and it would do humanity a great favor to keep this list going, so let us know some unusual names you’ve called your classes in the comments!

  • Apocalypse! (Millennium: Apocalypse and Utopia)
  • CoFi (Corporate Finance)
  • Foner (The United States In the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction)
  • FroSci (Frontiers of Science)
  • Glurb (Global Urbanism)
  • Hot Madam (History of the Modern Middle East)
  • ‘Metrics (Econometrics)
  • Xavier (Intermediate Macroeconomics)

Photo via Flickr/quinnanya