Columbia is doing pretty well for itself uptown recently. Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard just sent BSchool students an email notifying them of the donation, which was made by Henry R. Kravis, BSchool class of 1969 and current cochair of the School’s Board of Overseers. The Uptown BSchool will be comprised of two buildings, one of which will be called (surprise!) the Henry R. Kravis Building.

Read on for Hubbard’s full email.

Dear Students,

I am pleased to announce that Henry R. Kravis ’69, cochair of the School’s Board of Overseers, has pledged to donate $100 million toward the construction of the School’s new home in Manhattanville. As an expression of gratitude, the School will name one of its two new buildings The Henry R. Kravis Building.

Henry Kravis’s generosity represents a truly transformative investment not only in Columbia Business School, but in business education itself. The design of the School’s new buildings will emphasize community and encourage collaboration, enabling faculty members to solve problems holistically, more easily work together across disciplines, and create ideas that transcend traditional academic divisions. This emphasis on collaboration will simultaneously give our students the tools required to create new opportunities and thrive in fast-paced and constantly evolving global business environments.

This investment will also strengthen the impact the School has on the West Harlem community, one of the many reasons Mr. Kravis chose to make this gift. Unlike Columbia’s Morningside Campus, the new Manhattanville Campus will be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding neighborhood, featuring an open campus and numerous public spaces. The School’s move will be an investment in the community, creating thousands of jobs and providing wide-ranging opportunities for local entrepreneurs. All of the School’s existing programs that interact with the local community–including the Columbia Community Business Program, the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program, the Hughie Mills Business Academy, and others–will be able to increase the positive effect they have on our neighbors by virtue of this new location.

On behalf of the Columbia Business School community, I thank Henry Kravis for his generosity and dedication to the School.

For more information about Henry Kravis’s gift, the School’s move to Manhattanville, and the ongoing Capital Campaign, please visit

With regards,

Glenn Hubbard