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Harry and the Potters are coming to Columbia. Yes, they’re a real band—kind of like a wizardy version of They Might Be Giants. Anywho, the sophomores of CCSC decided to make a video about the upcoming Potterpalooza. Ryan Mandelbaum stars as a super badass Harry, and Deaton Jones plays a menacing Malfoy. Bwog was a little surprised to learn that the hooded hipster smoking outside John Jay is Harry himself! (There’s one every year; don’t think you’re so original.) But the adorable vid did confirm one thing we always knew: Carman is Slytherin.

Harry and the Potters coming to Columbia October 16! from CCSC 2013 on Vimeo.

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    Awesome. Harry Facking Potter.

  2. I have no idea  

    who harry and the potters are, but this shit is funny

  3. Anonymous

    I think the best thing about this is that they actually have legit wands.

  4. CCSC 2013

    Go get your tickets at the Tic while they last! Culinary Society is making concoctions for the sophomores for free! Whooooo!!!! Everyone is invited, including the Fleur Delacours!!

  5. Anonymous  

    harry being bushed on his 'broom' across low plaza is hilarious!

  6. correction  

    furnald is ravenclaw. llc is hufflepuff

  7. CC'11  

    ummm the cops were inside potluck house like an hour ago. bwog?

  8. cc '13  

    Ah, I get it. R-"owl" ing.

  9. Jonathan

    Excellent cameo by Lianna!

  10. Anonymous  

    Pigeon was the best part

  11. He gets his own tag?  

    Deaton Jones is kind of ridiculous. However, he also has a godlike backside.

  12. songs  

    intro - Simon Says (Pharoahe Monch)

    Harry's song - Hip Hop Junkies (Nice & Smooth)

    Malfoy's song - Toxic (Britney Spears)

    Confrontation - Bang, Bang (Nancy Sinatra)

  13. Anonymous  

    After having a horrible day, this made me giggle. Thanks, Bwog.

  14. Anon

    Happy national coming out day--this is homophobic as hell.

  15. Psi U  

    You aren't about to take our Owl

  16. dude  

    This shit is hilarious.

    And this recaptcha is fucking impossible

  17. If Columbia is Hogwarts...  

    ...does that make Campo our Hogsmeade?

  18. Yay  

    This video is awesome. I almost died laughing during some of the Deaton/Draco scenes. He's really great. Keep up the good work kids!!

  19. please  

    make a part 2!! this is awesome

  20. hahah

    Good job! that was a gud laugh!

  21. Anonymous

    Harry and the Potters are great! saw them a bunch during high school around Boston and they're hilarious

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