ESC: Instant-Runoff Voting! Bureaucracy!

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The ESC also met Monday night. Bwog’s Sean Zimmermann was there.
  • The council spent most of the time before the election discussing the current dining survey, and the results so far. Common student complaints on the survey included the extensive crowding of Ferris, especially on the weekends, the lack of takeout in JJs, and confusion with the new Eco-Token system.
  • As of now, students are split 50-50 over whether John Jay or Ferris should be open on the weekends. ESC is working with CCSC to prepare a dinning report to inform students of the results of the dinning survey, and what the councils are doing to address student concerns.
  • Academic Affairs Representatives Patrick Han resigned tonight for personal reasons. This brings the number of unoccupied spots on council to 2, as the council also decided to postpone the election of a new Alumni Affairs Representative.
  • Council members voted to allow freshmen to enter the SEAS New York lottery. SEAS New York, which allows SEAS students to attend various cultural events, in the past only allowed upperclassman (or second semester freshmen) to participate because freshman were able to enter into a similar lottery, Urban New York, which was canceled this semester.

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  1. Anonymous  

    ESC has no legitimacy until they get rid of internal elections

  2. Wait.  

    No, they didn't allow freshmen to particupate in the SEAS New York lottery. I was there, the vote failed.

    • Sean  (Bwog Staff)  

      There was a voting error - as one member of the council was not there, there was actually a tie (as the number of votes required to get majority was lower). The president of ESC emailed his tie-breaking vote (in favor of allowing freshmen to participate) earlier today.

  3. Anonymous  

    Dining hall open on Weekends should be John Jay. Worse food perhaps, but more seats and shorter lines

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