It’s Contest O’Clock: Be a Powersuite!

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Hello there! Are you in a living situation that is in some way notable? Do you like diamonds and fame? Would you like to be featured on Bwog then email us in a year when you’re looking for a job to ask us to remove your last name? Well, perfect.

Bwog is looking for living situations we’re dubbing “Powersuites.” If you live with notable campus people, or you’re all involved in one organization, or you all eat scrambled eggs for dinner only on Wednesdays, or you are in a living situation that you think is worth us writing about, tell us.

Email us at [email protected] with the details on your Powersuite and why you think your suite deserves a spot in Powersuite history.

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  1. Anonymous  

    this has the potential to be fantastic. well done, BWOG.

  2. WATTley  

    I've masturbated 7 times so far today if we start the tally from 12:00am.

  3. Anonymous

    my boyfriend had sex with another woman

  4. ummm...  

    20x straight. drawn blood. victory. goldman sachs, bitch.

  5. i nominate  

    melissa ann im... whose that hottie living with this year?

  6. Anonymous  

    SerIously, It's thIs amazIng suIte In PlImpton...13th floor. Anyone and everyone Is welcome.
    ConsIder thIs an offIcIal nomInatIon...

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Send us contact information please! [email protected]

    • Pretty much...  

      The best floor ever.

  7. Anonymous

    HOMEGURLZ SUITE!!!!! in Ruggles

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