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…we’re talking about cigars, silly! Bwog found a flyer for the Columbia University Cigar Society in Dodge the other day. Though their website doesn’t appear to have been updated for several years, Bwog is hopeful. If you know anything about this society of stogie enthusiasts, let us know in the comments!

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  1. when  

    and where is it? I assume its BYOC?

  2. Alum

    In the late 90s, just before my time at Columbia, this was one of the most subscribed clubs on campus.

  3. Anonymous

    This is AWESOME!

  4. so, lets  

    bring it back!

  5. I will  

    join this..but where is the poster from? looks like it might be happenin'

    think about it, sitting on the low steps, shooting the shit with a couple guys while the stogs burn down..sounds great

  6. coob  

    i'll head the blunts subcommittee

  7. Anonymous  

    Bwog, do you know when heating gets turned on? I know they sent that email a couple weeks ago basically saying suck it up, but my Mcbain room is FREEZING so so so FRIGIID

  8. more posts

    should be tagged 'pass that dutch' - kudos on a good start bwog

  9. Anonymous  

    Pshh, I don't need this club. This is already what I do on girls' night.

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