Bwog's own stuffed mouse, enjoying Bwog's own wine!

Sheen was found drunk and naked in an NYC hotel room–and he was rushed to our very own Columbia Presbyterian Hospital! (People)

Check out this Bhagavad Gita piece by PBS, with our own Professor of Sanskrit Sheldon Pollock and Gadadhara Pandit Dasa, Hindu chaplain the Bhakti Club. (Learner)

Todd Combs, CBS grad, is slated to run a “significant” portion of Berkshire’s portfolio–he must have followed personal hygiene basics. (Bloomberg)

More warnings about the dangers of alcohol–wait no, just Four Loko. (NYT)

Columbia researchers are going to see brains better with fancy IBM software. (eWeek)

Oliver Sacks is on NPR, talking about his own brain for a change. (NPR)

Image via Wikimedia