Eliza Shapiro took a break from being Bwog Editor to listen to the Columbia College Student Council talk about what “a la carte” means for, like, a while.
  • At the beginning of last night’s CCSC meeting, CCSC-people went around told each other who their favorite person at the moment was. CCSC Prez Learned Foote’s current fave is Bonnie Tyler because of  her hit ballad “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (see below). CCSC-people love their moms.
  • CCSC going to sing karaoke this week. Perhaps Learned will sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”
  • CC ’11 Prez Sean Udell spoke about the POTUS project and let everyone know that Obama has read the note! Sean got a call from the White House courier. Zomg! If Obama were to speak, PrezBo would cede his rights to speak at Commencement. This would be the first time in University history that the President ceded these rights. Dun dun dun! There’s talk of setting up an Obama-jumbotron at Baker Field if he were to speak at Commencement for lowly underclassmen and regular people to watch his speech.
  • Halloween doth approacheth! There will be a CCSC-sponsored movie screening next week. It may be Beetlejuice, since Donnie Darko and Rocky Horror were unavailable.
  • VP for Campus Life Andrea Folds wants to organize a new CCSC event! Suggestions from the council: iPod dance party on the Steps, 90’s cartoon sleepover in Roone with Gushers and Fruit Roll-ups, a giant water balloon fight, smoking hookah and then watching 90’s cartoons, a warehouse rave (people didn’t like that idea so much—why don’t you head down to Washington Square, punk). There was much discussion about what His Majesty Robert Taylor would and would not like.
  • Folds has asked Professor Gulati to speak at the sorta-upcoming Treelighting Ceremony.
  • The Council talked a great deal about changes to JJ’s/Ferris/John Jay eating arrangements. The Council is planning to submit a proposal that Ferris be closed on Friday and Saturday and John Jay be open instead. The proposal also includes requests that students receive two eco-takeout tokens instead of one, and that the cost of a meal swipe in JJ’s be reduced by a few dollars.
  • If you, gentle reader, ever find yourself asking yourself “Who has a meal plan anyway?” or “Do any upperclassmen frequent JJ’s even if they haven’t just taken a few vape hits and just want something kind of sweet then really salty?” Bwog has your answer. It’s CCSC! A show of hands revealed that about 3/4 of the Council have meal plans, and they still go to JJ’s. Bwog salutes them; they practice what they preach! One CCSC-er noted that “he didn’t know what a la carte meant until this meeting.”