Grades are in early, because  The College Sustainability Report Card is out!  From their press release:

Released today, the publication is the only independent evaluation of sustainability in campus operations and endowment practices. Assessing each institution in nine categories, ranging from Climate Change & Energy to Green Building to Investment Priorities, the Report Card provides detailed school profiles and grades for 322 colleges and universities, representing all 50 U.S. states and eight Canadian provinces.

Since the first edition four years ago, Report Card surveys show dramatic increases on 52 green indicators. For example, the percentages of schools that now have the following programs are:
64% – Commitment to carbon emissions reduction
(23% in 2006)
70% – Campus farm or garden
(9% in 2006)
75% – Trayless dining
(0% in 2006)
79% – Green building policy (22% in 2006)
95% – Sustainability committee
(40% in 2006)

Cool stuff. Columbia earned a B+, and Barnard earned a C+.  Check out your school’s grades and then yell at your council members!