Boringside Heights: Spotted! Edition

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Bwog spotted many new and slightly wondrous things this week…

New and fruity sandwiches at JJ’s.

New and fruity Westside samples! Almond butter with mixed berries and creamy strawberry dip.

Rickshaw Dumpling truck at 116th St and Broadway.

This mysterious new ‘Fast Food’ truck.

Uni café actually open.

Vandalism. What IS up with 2014??

Dosa battles.

Anna Wintour (apparently) on line to see Coriolanus.

can anybody verify? // via wikimedia

Ice hockey games at Lasker Rink, on the east side of Central Park. Take a date!

via Wikimedia

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  1. Yuck  

    Do they really sell "Dumpings?"

  2. Anonymous  

    Yep. Anna Wintour was at Coriolanus last night.

  3. Anonymous  

    Anna Wintour DID see Coriolanus! you should too!

  4. Anonymous  

    Anna Wintour also got a drink in Deluxe last night before the show!!!!

  5. AHH  

    Is the Rickshaw truck still there?

  6. Anonymous

    Anna Wintour wore her sunglasses inside the theater and walked out before the intermission.

  7. Anonymous

    Haha she walked out before the intermission.. That tells you something

  8. Columbia2011

    Anna Wintour's daughter did go to Columbia. So, her presence at Coriolanus shouldn't be shocking.

  9. Are you serious???  

    Was Anna Wintour really really here??? If so, OMFG!!!!!!!

  10. she  

    left before intermission - i saw her. was not impressed with teh show whatsoever.

  11. Anonymous  

    Yes, Anna Wintour was there. She was laughing and seemed to be enjoying it, too. She left early because someone in her party was experiencing back pain.

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