La Muerte de Cuatro Crazy

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The band gave a brief, unsolemn, Orgo-Night-style funeral to the alcoholic energy drink we all just barely knew. More touching images after the jump.

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  1. CUMB

    I love the band. G(tb)^2.

  2. that  

    was awesome. great job, band.

  3. The Think Tank  

    This should not be banned. FTS!!!!

  4. you're that kid

    "Four Loko is a dangerous, harmful substance. It should be banned in all states."

    that no one likes in all of my classes because you can't have any fun...Live a little and people will like you more

  5. Truth Teller  

    Four Loko is disgusting

  6. bitches  

    are still going to drink vodka and red bull

  7. Anonymous  

    You guys stole brosef broski's name for four loko!

  8. Spaniard  

    Soooooo, four in Spanish is spelled "cuatro".

  9. Anonymous  

    I love you Ryan

    You know who this is.

  10. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

    OOF. A fail indeed. Fixed!

  11. that guy  

    i totally know what g(tb)^2 means, my roommate told me last year

  12. Person who walked by with earphones on...

    THAT'S what you guys were doing?

    Hobby. Get one. Now. Go.

  13. G(tb)^2  

    Tyler looks pretty hot with that megaphone, not gonna lie.

  14. Anonymous

    tyler is a god. that is all.

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