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La Muerte de Cuatro Crazy

The band gave a brief, unsolemn, Orgo-Night-style funeral to the alcoholic energy drink we all just barely knew. More touching images after the jump.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous tyler is a god. that is all.

  • G(tb)^2 says:

    @G(tb)^2 Tyler looks pretty hot with that megaphone, not gonna lie.

  • Person who walked by with earphones on... says:

    @Person who walked by with earphones on... THAT’S what you guys were doing?

    Hobby. Get one. Now. Go.

  • that guy says:

    @that guy i totally know what g(tb)^2 means, my roommate told me last year

  • Eliza says:

    @Eliza OOF. A fail indeed. Fixed!

    1. In Defense of Quattro says:

      @In Defense of Quattro Damn it Eliza, I just made a comment totally justifying Bwog’s use of “Quattro” instead of cuatro and then you change it. Pft, whatever.

      1. Sophist says:

        @Sophist That only makes sense if it’s Cuatro Krazy. It’s not like the actual drink is spelled PHOR Loko.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I love you Ryan

    You know who this is.

    1. ... is it really you? says:

      @... is it really you? Harmony Hunter!?!

    2. ryan says:

      @ryan I love you too
      I know who you are

  • Spaniard says:

    @Spaniard Soooooo, four in Spanish is spelled “cuatro”.

    1. lol says:

      @lol legit fail, bwog.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Yes and crazy is also spelled “loco” in Spanish, so I think Bwog is actually just carrying over the same ridiculousness/purposeful misspelling of the name Four Loko.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous You guys stole brosef broski’s name for four loko!

  • bitches says:

    @bitches are still going to drink vodka and red bull

  • Truth Teller says:

    @Truth Teller Four Loko is disgusting

  • you're that kid says:

    @you're that kid “Four Loko is a dangerous, harmful substance. It should be banned in all states.”

    that no one likes in all of my classes because you can’t have any fun…Live a little and people will like you more

    1. The Think Tank says:

      @The Think Tank Proposes a new topic to be introduced to elementary education: recognition of the most subtle arts of sarcasm.

    2. The Opposing Think Tank says:

      @The Opposing Think Tank You’re an uncivilized beast. Your mongoloid tendencies are leaking onto this webpage.

      1. The Think Tank says:

        @The Think Tank Proposition 1: Disregard Females, Acquire Currency.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous I fully agree.

        2. um. says:

          @um. Disregard currency, acquire females?

    3. The Think Tank says:

      @The Think Tank Green is a color quite unbecoming of you, you envious, uncultured swine.

  • The Think Tank says:

    @The Think Tank This should not be banned. FTS!!!!

    1. The Opposing Think Tank says:

      @The Opposing Think Tank Four Loko is a dangerous, harmful substance. It should be banned in all states.

    2. God Hates Four Loko says:

      @God Hates Four Loko Four Loko is an abomination! The marriage of caffeine and alcohol is unholy!
      (There was a guy with a sign shouting this at the funeral)

  • that says:

    @that was awesome. great job, band.

  • CUMB says:

    @CUMB I love the band. G(tb)^2.

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