Village Copier was broken into within the last hour. Multiple tipsters have confirmed that the glass door has been shattered. There are currently six cops milling about 112th and Broadway who couldn’t confirm what happened when a Bwogger stopped by. Eerily similar to that time a few months ago when a drunk dude smashed the door of University Hardware because he was mad at his girlfriend. More details to follow shortly.

Update, 12:40: The cops on the scene tell Bwog that it seems to be petty vandalism and wouldn’t discuss it further. Sidewalk is littered with glass shards.

Update, Nov, 15, 10:50 AM: The Village Copier manager told us nothing was stolen. The culprit managed to break a “very insulated door.” The shattered glass triggered the alarm, and the police arrived soon after. Bwog wishes Village Copier best of luck with their repairs.