BwogWeather Episode 12: Twelve Days of Columbia

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HOLIDAY CHEER! Special thanks to XMAS 5! A Corporate Carolgo see it next Monday night! Also thanks to Eli Grober for playing guitar, Wallen and D’Offit for vocals, Matt Star for orchestration, John Nordin, Eduardo Santana and Nathan Bailey for dancing, Bwog staff for helping with lyrics and Kenny Durrell for his filming talents.

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  1. Anonymous  

    I just love BwogWeather so much! I can't believe there is only one episode left :(

  2. Anonymous  

    OMG Pat and Zak are amazing!!! The weather really isn't about the weather at all but isn't that what makes it great? Keep it up :) :) :)

  3. Anonymous  

    outlandish! outrageous! i love it! i HAVE been awake for 72 hours!

  4. cute  

    this is super cute!

    yay for a bright light in my dark study day.

  5. i want...  

    ... emily wallen to be my santa claus

  6. umm  

    1020 girl is hot. number please?

  7. Emily Wallen  

    Is the best.

  8. without a doubt

    the best episode of bwogweather. thanks to emily wallen. i want her.

  9. Womp  

    Fucking awesome. Thanks, B'weather.

  10. David Offit  

    is literally the most adorable person on this campus. He's like a Jewish Tickle-Me-Elmo.

  11. wow

    oh my god. this was so SO good.

  12. 2011

    loved it loved it loved it, please make more of these :)

  13. hahaha  

    I literally laughed out loud at

    "Who's Prezbo?"

    "Shut up."

  14. Anonymous

    i think i recognize one of those kids from

  15. I'm gonna  



  16. Anonymous  


  17. Anonymous  

    Emily Wallen is gonna ROCK XMAS!!!

  18. the 1020 girl's friend


  19. XMAS! 5  

    Thanks to the BwogWeather team -- we had a blast filming with you!

    XMAS! 5: A Corporate Carol is Monday, December 13th in Roone Arledge Auditorium at 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm, and tickets are available here:

    See you there!

  20. Anonymous  

    that was soooo good! made me smile

  21. procrastinators  

    admit it bwog, i saw you filming this yesterday.

  22. Anonymous  


    go pauline

  23. Anonymous  

    Thank you Bwog, for lifting my spirits. :) I love you guys.

  24. best part  

    Its gonna be cold

  25. Pauline  

    is the unsung hero of Bwog Weather.

  26. is patrick blute

    straight? Enlighten me y'all

  27. zak

    you are so weird and so cool. you need to stop sucking up to carney and come hang out with us in the back of the room

  28. i hope  

    the "one more episode" thing means for the semester and not the year. My final semester at Columbia NEEDS BwogWeather.

  29. anon  

    that guy's moustache is some grime

  30. Dear Emily Wallen,  

    You make my heart go pitter pat.

  31. Well  

    My heart goes pitter PAT for PAT BLUTE

  32. OMG  

    this was an amazing episode of Bwog Weather!! The last couple seemed a bit here and there, but this was just great. And love the shameless pitch for campus events.

  33. Anonymous  

    only thing that gives me hope for finals

  34. gee

    i really like john nordin

  35. stem  

    Is no one discussing Zak's moustache?
    Where is he going with that?

  36. bwog  

    its columbia's stuff white people like

  37. KAT CHAN  


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