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Some updates this afternoon about Operation Ivy League: according to the New York State Department of Correction, Michael Wymbs was discharged today and Adam Klein’s court date has been moved from January 18th to tomorrow. DNA Info is reporting that Mark Williams, the national rep for Psi U whom Bwog spoke with yesterday, is headed to campus today to interview the 30 members of our Psi U chapter. Williams commented that Columbia owns the house, so Columbia controls the fate of its Psi U Chapter. The IRC doesn’t seem to be in trouble; some students just received an email asking to apply to live in the IRC next year.

Update, 4:50 p.m.: A spokesman for the Department of Corrections has confirmed that Wymbs was released on bail today. The four other students are still in custody at the Manhattan Detention Center on White Street, not at Rikers. The Department of Corrections did not comment on Klein’s plea bargain and we are waiting on comment from other sources. Bwog has confirmation from an anonymous source close to AEPi that the fraternity brothers held a meeting last night at a JTS dorm rather than their own house, apparently due to fears about surveillance.

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  1. discharged?  

    as in released? really?

  2. alumnus

    Probably means Klein will plead guilty tomorrow.

  3. klein  

    plead guilty, hence the move-up in the court date. interested to hear the sentencing.

  4. OMG  


  5. yay


  6. Anonymous  

    Bwog, please delete the above comment.

    On another note, has anyone noticed how LITTLE money is actually being disputed? 11 grand, over 5 months, split between 5 people...that's child's play in the drug world.

    This whole thing sounds like the NYPD just wanted to nab Columbia for something, and they did.

  7. AssangeJr  

    I have a video of the undercover cops performing Operation Ivy League and discussing illicit drugs in one of the fraternity houses. Am in negotiations with various news outlets. Several students/alumni have already seen this video.

  8. I'm Me  

    Hmmm I wonder if there is a document on WikiLeaks detailing the communication between the NYPD and Columbia....oh wait

  9. alumnus

    DOC wouldn't know anything about the plea bargain. You would need to contact the DA's office or Klein's attorney for that info, and they probably wouldn't talk about it before the fact.

    Court appearances are open to the public unless ordered by the judge.

    The 11K was just the money directly exchanged with the undercover cops. Their over-all drug trafficking is probably a lot higher.

    Here's an investigative story angle: do we know the undercover cops posed as Columbia students, whose identities should have been easily verifiable (CUID, on-line directory, classmate vouching, 1st hand friends), or did they take on the much higher risk of dealing drugs to off-the-street customers?

  10. Alum

    I don't know if this has already been discussed, but wouldn't you think they would know that something was up if their suppliers disappeared (who knows if they knew they were arrested) in Oct/Nov?

    • Anon

      Maybe but even if they did what would they do about it? Didn't most of the undercover buys happen before that time...

      • Apparently

        Lots of people knew that the frats that were selling drugs were being watched already at the beginning of the semester. If even the people buying from the frat guys knew that they were being watched, why did they keep selling? Seems so stupid.

  11. Harmony Hunter

    just woke up, what's going on?

  12. ..I mean, come on  

    he also quit halfway through.

  13. Emm

    The messages people are posting on Mike's facebook make it sound like he has been diagnosed with a terminal disease, not arrested for drug dealing. He did this to himself..

  14. Anonymous  

    Wow, so this "Stephan" guy (if that IS your real name.... IT'S NOT!) looks like a real winner. Suhhh-weet pix, bro!

  15. uhhhh  

    i'm not the biggest fan of frats, but it's a bit ridiculous that the frats and "fraternity culture" are getting so much shit about this, when they're known much more for underage drinking and other sketchy activities. it seems to me that the drug scene is a lot more of a hipster thing than a fratty thing....

    so how come the IRC isn't getting in trouble, and wymbs's EC suitemates aren't being held accountable, while the frats are getting berated by the press and investigated by their national chapters??

  16. sting

    From CBS report: Authorities said the investigation relied heavily on a youthful undercover officer who posed as a drug middleman for another college outside the city.

  17. anonymous  

    We finally know what one of the frat's dues are!!!! They always tell us "it's so complicated, we can't really give you a number" bullshit, but they just want to keep it secret.

    Go to photo 10 of the slideshow and look under "Treasurer". Dues for this frat are $220 for initiation and $450 a semester.

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