Some updates this afternoon about Operation Ivy League: according to the New York State Department of Correction, Michael Wymbs was discharged today and Adam Klein’s court date has been moved from January 18th to tomorrow. DNA Info is reporting that Mark Williams, the national rep for Psi U whom Bwog spoke with yesterday, is headed to campus today to interview the 30 members of our Psi U chapter. Williams commented that Columbia owns the house, so Columbia controls the fate of its Psi U Chapter. The IRC doesn’t seem to be in trouble; some students just received an email asking to apply to live in the IRC next year.

Update, 4:50 p.m.: A spokesman for the Department of Corrections has confirmed that Wymbs was released on bail today. The four other students are still in custody at the Manhattan Detention Center on White Street, not at Rikers. The Department of Corrections did not comment on Klein’s plea bargain and we are waiting on comment from other sources. Bwog has confirmation from an anonymous source close to AEPi that the fraternity brothers held a meeting last night at a JTS dorm rather than their own house, apparently due to fears about surveillance.