1. Sigh...

    It is all going back to normal now, we can finally breath easy and worry about finals, our hawk is once again the highlight.

  2. Hey guys  

    Is there a relevant Nickelodeon cartoon to reminisce about here?

  3. Um...  

    Did we all forget that Scabbers is Peter Pettigrew...?

    Why are we feeling sorry for him again?

  4. Paul  

    I'm pretty sure Jesus will like this.

  5. I'm pretty sure that  

    Hawkma = Love.

  6. i keep wanting  

    to run into Hawkma so I can appreciate the beauty with mine own eyes, but i just end up running into James Franco

  7. Sprinkles

    I just hope we don't discover Hawkma's got eggs with his granddaughter or something

  8. Anonymous  

    I'm glad to see everything going back to normal!

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