The Bwog Finals Fortune Teller

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We’re stuck in Butler too, wishing we were back in elementary school when all we had to do was color in the circles and not calculate their velocities relative to the Sun as they hurtle through space.

Holding fast to the spirit of youth, we’ve created a cootie catcher. Now this toy you once used to judge your friends will help you ace your finals. Well, kinda. Click the flyer below for instructions on how to make your very own Bwog Fortune Teller or click the fortune teller to see a larger version!

Instructions and cutout (PDF)

Big version (PDF)

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  1. I dont know

    how to fold this thing. need better instructions.

  2. After all these years

    Bwog finally gives me something totaly awesome

  3. Hooah  

    Bwog, you just keep getting better and better. Thanks for being so great these past few weeks.

  4. what  

    about econ and investmentb anking? fucking haters. go work for nyt eliza

  5. call me an idiot but  

    what is this fortune teller supposed to tell us?

  6. Anonymous  

    This is pretty cool. Hey when's orgo night?

  7. yay bwog!  

    Bwog, I really am in love with you.

  8. Yo this is some  

    good shit

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