Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight

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Update, 2:25am: Cowabunga, you can start to see it now! Send in any photos you take of the eclipse, people gazing skywards, eclipse parties… or whatever you crazy kids do during a lunar eclipse to [email protected]!

You should definitely go out tonight! In an educational way duh! Take a break from napping studying in Butler and join redShift and the Columbia Astronomy Department on college walk to watch the total lunar eclipse from 1:30-4am! It could be an evil omen, or it could just mean free hot chocolate and telescopes to watch the sky with.

To all you intrepid explorers,  head to the roof of SIPA for sweeping views. A couple months ago they starting locking the doors (womp womp), but we trust you’re stealth enough to find a way. Plus, it’s one more thing to check off your bucket list. Now go forth and bask in the glory of the heavens!

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  1. Concerned  

    Wait, does this mean the world is going to end tonight? But I can't die a virgin!

  2. CC 13  

    Whoever titled this post... Turn around...

  3. Whoa!  

    I thought we all had two more years! Should I even bother studying for my finals tomorrow?!?

  4. Anonymous  

    Bright side: if we all die tonight, they'll *have to* postpone Mowshowitz's Bio final!

  5. i  

    will lunar your eclipse Eliza Schapiro.

  6. team edward

    does team jacob die tonight?

  7. bwepressed

    At least tonight I have an excuse not to cry from the hours of 1 to 4AM. It's good to not be alone sometimes.

  8. Anonymous  

    A+ for the title of the post

  9. OR.  

    watch from the roof of the northwest science building. no locks, no alarms. however, slippery footing and a suspiciously insufficient railing, soooo at your own risk, kiddies.

  10. Primal scream tonight  

    take 2. Not everyone showed up last night. Let's make this one count guys.

  11. redShift  

    it's gonna be pretty awesome. we'll come through butler right before to remind everyone!


    BRIGHT EYYYEESSSSS! sounds like a dance party needs to start right now. get on it people. happy times.

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