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The Time Has Come

Say goodbye to the lawns. The feared Tarpaulinus hideousinus is out and about.

Photo by DH

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  • Someone has to say it says:

    @Someone has to say it It’s a tarp!

  • yo dawg says:

    @yo dawg I heard you like tarp. So we put a tarp on your tarp so you can protect the grass while protecting the grass.

    1. yo dawg says:

      @yo dawg I heard you like adding memes to your memes so we put a meme in your meme so you can L33T while you L33T

  • just so you know... says:

    @just so you know... someone should steal it…..

    just sayin.

  • make a decision says: make a decision Are we in this thing alone?

    Or are we in it together?

    1. The Decision says:

      @The Decision We should take the tarp’s talents to South Beach where it can join the Miami Heat

  • ... says:

    @... this is why it’s important to keep tinfoil out of the reach of pet giants.

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