It’s Over Already: Next Hearing Scheduled for March 1st

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David Hu reports straight from the court

Today’s hearing was a “calendar call,” and not that much really happened. In a hearing that lasted about 30 minutes the students were all called forward but none of them spoke. The lawyers of each of the defendants conversed directly with the judge, but no new information was publicly announced. Superseding indictments will be filed, which means changes were made (and typically added) to the original charges. This is done since the information on hand sometimes changes between the time of the original indictment and trial, for instance someone may admit to something they didn’t before or the circumstances might change. The new indictment will take place on March 1st.

Update, 1:56 PM: According to DNAinfo, Harrison David’s lawyer says that David has suffered enough and should not do jail time. Time in jail “pales in comparison to the damage that’s already been done,” Myers said. David is in Florida living with a DoC friend of the family in search of a “more structured environment.” Myers plans to request a jail-free plea deal from the Office of Special Narcotics.

Update, 2:51 PM: Bwog contacted Michael Bachner, attorney for Mike Wymbs.  According to Bachner today was a “routine court appearance in which the court sets down schedules for defense lawyers to file motions.”  Bachner added, “We’ll be making efforts to have Mr. Wymbs’ case transferred to a treatment court.”



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    I'm curious on the technical details of this Uncensored website. How often is it polling Bwog comments? (And is that the reason Bwog got rid of its Comments RSS Feed?)

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      It seems to be scraping every few seconds or so.
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        This son of a gun right here tried everything he could to block Bwog Uncensored but failed miserably. Censorship and the internet just don't fly together. The chinese are super repressive on their internet, and people figure out how to get through. Hans- we're right there with you, and we'll always be a step ahead. You can't shut down the web. You can't shut us from the web.

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            You clearly misunderstand.

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