Bwoglines: And It All Came Tumbling Down Edition

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Real World Big Deal News: the House voted to repeal the health care reform law yesterday. Whether you think health reform is godsend or a communist plot (or you just don’t care), it definitely affects you. Last March, we tried to make sense of the student-specific policies, so here’s what you’d be losing. But the Dem-controlled Senate probably isn’t going to side with the House, and Obama would veto the repeal. Meanwhile, Rep. Weiner taught us a drinking game (NYTimes).

Crisis mode! Dreams die, as we wither away in college and major in Mad Men (The Week).

Unfathomable story of the day: A woman stolen as a baby from (Columbia-affiliated) Harlem hospital in 1987 reunites with her fam. Take it away, NYPost

A morning cup o’ Woody Allen (New Yorker).

A lovely obit on Sargent Shriver, founding director of the Peace Corps, VP candidate and architect of LBJ’s War on Poverty. Even Bono offered a a tribute (NYTimes).

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  1. Jease  

    Could that first blurb be a little more liberal please?

  2. inception, explained

    The Senate does not plan to repeal health reform. Here's hoping that everyone wakes up and realizes that some care is better than no care.

  3. CC2011  

    dear bwog,

    if you're going to report on politics, have a clue. the House voting to repeal HC is a symbolic gesture to keep up a campaign promise that has no chance of going anywhere b/c (1) there is a democratic senate and (2) a democratic president with a veto pen. this will not "definitely affect" anyone, b/c nothing will happen. the GOP may try to defund HC later on, but that's completely unrelated to this vote.

    • activist  

      while your comment is a good one, there is at least one fact that is significant and should be noted: the republican members in the house who voted to stop health care reform have now gone on record by name. we now have an official record of where these people stand on an issue that affects the very day-to-day quality of the health of the american people...

      what we choose to do with this information is, as they say, up to us. let us only hope it is not wasted.

  4. this is why

    I love Bwog and Bwoglines. These are the kind of comments and articles which make me happy to be a student here. Glad to see you are back Bwog......I have missed you

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