Real World Big Deal News: the House voted to repeal the health care reform law yesterday. Whether you think health reform is godsend or a communist plot (or you just don’t care), it definitely affects you. Last March, we tried to make sense of the student-specific policies, so here’s what you’d be losing. But the Dem-controlled Senate probably isn’t going to side with the House, and Obama would veto the repeal. Meanwhile, Rep. Weiner taught us a drinking game (NYTimes).

Crisis mode! Dreams die, as we wither away in college and major in Mad Men (The Week).

Unfathomable story of the day: A woman stolen as a baby from (Columbia-affiliated) Harlem hospital in 1987 reunites with her fam. Take it away, NYPost

A morning cup o’ Woody Allen (New Yorker).

A lovely obit on Sargent Shriver, founding director of the Peace Corps, VP candidate and architect of LBJ’s War on Poverty. Even Bono offered a a tribute (NYTimes).

Image via Wikimedia