Bwoglines: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Cat Edition

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This is probably what Nim Chimpsky looked like at Bacchanal.

Because Antoine Dodson is getting his own show! Bwog predicts several new techno remixes to follow. (NY Daily News)

And, kids these days are getting high on bath salts! No, seriously! (Gawker)

And also, there are primates on College Walk! Well, not exactly. But there were. Sort of. One 2011 Sundance documentary explores the experience of a chimpanzee named Nim Chimpsky (ha!) whom Columbia-researchers attempted to teach to communicate in the 1970s. (LATimes)

And last but not least, cat hoarders in Brooklyn! Two Williamsburg fifty-somethings who were busted last summer for detaining and torturing almost 100 cats just became the first couple indicted in NY for animal-hoarding charges. (NYPost)

Just kidding—there’s one more reason! It’s the season of exploding manholes! There have been at least nineteen manhole fires since New Years Day, says ConEd. Cue double entendre here. (NYTimes)

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  1. Nim did communicate

    Pray... for... Chimsky.

  2. The Title  

    Love it. I forgot all about Bed Intruder. So funny.

  3. Anyone know

    Where i can get a hold of some bath salts?

  4. Anonymous  

    Aren't there primates on College Walk every day?

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