Just In Time Not For Lunch

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Freshmen and student athletes, rejoice! John Jay is still open.

Because of the snow, Dining has confirmed that a couple changes in the normal dining facility schedules will occur today. Take note:

  • Ferris Booth is closed
  • The cafe on the ground floor of Dodge is closed (though we only went there for James Franco sightings, anyway!)
  • Cafe 212 is open
  • The cafe in Butler is open
  • John Jay opened at 9, and will remain open through 8 pm

Image via WikiCU.

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  1. Anonymous  

    if ferris booth is closed, the rest of columbia should be closed.

  2. Anonymous

    Why would you close Ferris Booth??

  3. Ahhhh  

    Lol'd very hard at the picture caption.

  4. Blah  

    Is the package center open? Not that they'll let me pick up my books or anything, but whatever.

  5. Thank you  

    Bwog, if you didn't post this shit, LITERALLY NOBODY WOULD EVER KNOW. Thank you for telling me all the important things that the university fails to communicate.

  6. Anonymous  

    FYI the Diana Center Cafe is closed

  7. For the engineers  

    Carleton is also closed

  8. Anonymous  

    will jj's place be open?

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