While You Were Sleeping

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As you awake this morning to news of no snow day, we will attempt to comfort you with some cool pictures of Columbians frolicking around college walk (wearing varying degrees of appropriate snow clothes).

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  1. Anonymous  

    woot! Hartley 5!

  2. Umm  

    Everytime I click the photos, they act as a link to the article. I wanna see no-pants guy, he looks yummy.

    Also the snow penis has really big balls. Geez.

  3. ...  

    ahh yes. columbia once again gambling with the endowment by exposing the university to great liability. every other nyc school (nyu, cuny) has done the prudent thing, but columbia has decided to go cowboy and put endowment dollars at grave risk. tsk tsk.

    • ...  

      the good news is. whoever inevitably hurts themselves either on campus or on their commute in will pretty much automatically win their court case, since columbia failed to follow best practices as defined by the rest of the new york city collegiate community. it is frustrating to think that all that hard work fundraising and all those tuition dollars are being squandered by an administration that is needlessly reckless with their fiduciary responsibilities.

      i mean, if they can't even protect the pot of gold (which should be the one thing they're good at) then what good are they, maybe it's time the trustees fired the lot and started over.

      • Anonymous  

        Oh good morning guys, I just woke up. What seems to be the argument today?

        • good grief  

          most Morningside profs live within 10 blocks of campus. Most undergrads and grad students ditto. The vast majority of support staff and other officers of the univ. take public transport. Those others who drive in from Fort Lee and Westchester either call their supervisors and make arrangements - or postpone their class if they are a prof - or email professors to say they can't make it if they are a student.

      • ...  

        but honestly, i apologize for my crass viewpoint. the real tragedy will be the families that are ripped apart when the inevitable commute accidents occur. the fatherless daughter, the motherless son. will those in the administration shed a tear for these poor souls who will forever be scarred by their crass actions? nay, for the decision has been made, the risks coldly calculated and assumed. these children have already been condemned, in the name of what? the pursuit of a pointless ideal, an image, lee bollinger's administration going down in the history books at the "strongest" administration to rule the hallowed halls of low?

        no they see the pointlessness, they can't bear to consider the suffering and anguish that will be caused by these inevitable tragedies. the trading of human life for a reputation... the walls have gone up, on a primal level these souls can see the evil in their actions, and they can't bear the thought. they must save face. they must press on.

        "It is said that as many days as there are in the whole journey, so many are the men and horses that stand along the road, each horse and man at the interval of a day’s journey; and these are stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from accomplishing their appointed course with all speed."

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't Columbia just retaliate to your lawsuit spoils by say, lowering your financial aid?

  4. def  

    NOT giving back to this school.

  5. Wait,  

    I don't understand why we're talking about the endowment.

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