It’s Our Birthday!

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Bwog staff celebrating.

8:41 PM, January 30th 2006, five years ago today: Someone at NASA collected the first comet dust. Nelly bragged about his dental swag on someone’s stereo. Someone celebrated Mozart’s 250th birthday three days late, while someone else bought a plane ticket to Italy for the upcoming Olympics. The stage was set for the Bwog’s inception, and with an awkward post about Russian art, Bwog was born!

Today is Bwog’s 5th birthday, and we would like to take a moment to reflect on how much Bwog has grown up. Back then, Bwog wasn’t sure who it was: reposting comments from the then brand new Bored at Butler, Googling “Bwog porn”, and offering to post questionable singles ads for $10. Look how far we’ve come! (Now we post personals for free.) These days we have features and slightly less awkward reviews. Maybe it’s just Bwog exhibiting the standard 5-year-old ability to “recognize categories.” We only hope that Bwog continues to grow into its 5-year-old self by becoming “less fearful of the world than toddlers because [it] understands the world better” and “jump over small objects.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our loyal readers, for your tips, comments, and love.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love you, Bwog!

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Bwog!

  3. Paul Barndt


  4. ahh  

    We love you too Bwog

  5. Anonymous  

    When are you buying your readers drinks?

  6. birthday sex  

    ill make sure to give it to u

  7. Anonymous  

    consent is sexy

  8. Anna Corke

    Many happy returns, Bwog!

  9. Anna Corke

    Also, just to make it clear, we were offering to give $10 to singles to spend on their dates as an incentive for people to write in and participate.

  10. so sad,  

    that there's not even one mention of bwog's parents (founders)! Bwog is a spoiled, ungrateful child!

  11. Awww....  

    Happy 5th birthday, Bwog--thanks for your endless insights into the undergrad psyche!

  12. Request

    Please do an investigate piece, a where-are-they-now?, on the legendary Baby Starfish.


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