Another week, another installment of Morningside minutiae. Behold the delightful and disastrous details of dining and decorating!

Latest coverage on the controversial Lerner chairs: support your slouch with new corduroy cushions!  Bwog decrees they’re cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Carpet cleaning at SIPA. But so much has been swept under the rug

Milano men–we love you dearly, but this makeover is the worst! Sure, it’s aesthetically appealing–like a tiled Roman bath— but think of the children! Back in the day, two separate checkout spots guided hungry sandwich eaters seamlessly to a designated exit door. The new fancy countertop blocks off the exit, so everyone is forced to enter and leave through a single door. And if the sandwich line gets too busy, people lurk by the door and create a huge traffic jam. Rant over.

But when you hand Bwog our M7 with that glint in your eye, we forget our frustration and indulge in the magical wonder that is a Milano sandwich.

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Dining Deals:

Vegetarian fave, Zen Palate (warning website music!), is opening on 105th. To celebrate, they’re offering a half price entre if you buy one full price. Someone start please

Like free food, but not: Havana will give you $50 worth of food for $25.