Columbia’s own Brian Greene has just released his 4th book of popular science, titled The Hidden Reality. In it, Greene provides the latest theory surrounding the multiverse. Wait… do you ever think like, in another world, you are writing Bwoglines and I am reading them? (WSJ)

So like, you saw the blizzard on Wednesday from your window, but- have you seen it from space? (Ouramazingplanet)

Dude, there are now whales among us. (NYDaily)

A physicist from the University of Southern Queensland predicts earth will temporarily have two suns during the supernova of a nearby star. Maybe then my ‘rents will finally understand my deep, like, spiritual, connection to StarWars. (News.au)

On a more serious note, what’s going on in Egypt is worth talking about. Bwog recommends these three sources. (Reuters, NYTimes, Al Jazeera)

Image via wikimedia.