Bloomberg: Bloomberg is to give his 10th State of the City address today, where he will address issues of education, crime, housing, and politics, as well as announcing a plan to make it legal to hail livery cabs. (City Room)

Operation Ivy League: Harrison David is reported to be in the custody of a retired correction officer and family friend in Florida. His lawyer, Matthew Myers said his father believed “was the best environment to place his son in, with a close family friend and a disciplined fellow.” (Daily Intel)

Ridiculous arrests: A researcher at the Earth Institute was arrested yesterday after hopping on the luggage conveyor behind the check-in counter in order to make his flight. (NYPost)

Lolcats: Oh Park Slope. A pedestrian was spotted with a cat strapped to their back in a “semi-transparent cage-bag hybrid.” Perhaps that spare laundry basket could be refitted for such a use… (Gothamist)

Weathermen: Stephen Fybish, CC ’57 and UWS resident, keeps a daily journal of the weather for every day, and records reports on cassette tapes. His meticulous knowledge of NYC’s weather patterns over the past 50 years lead him to believe that there could be more snow yet. (Capital)

Image via Wikimedia