Fireman Ed anxiously awaits the end of the CCSC meeting so that he can see the end of the game

Last night’s CCSC meeting began at 8:03 instead of the usual 8:05 because there was a general consensus that it was important to get back to watching the Jets game as soon as possible. Brian Wagner, Bwog’s sideline reporter, has the latest.

  • The Council began with a review of its autumnal accomplishments. 9 resolutions were passed: of those 6 were implemented, 2 should go into effect in the coming weeks, and 1 will require more work during the semester. A grab bag of updates followed: Bacchanal is reportedly close to determining who will be performing this year, but is keeping quiet. Fancy new publication racks for Lerner have been chosen and should be ordered soon. An update on the CUEMS situation is in the cards for next week. Last but not least: 7 of 9 proposed dining changes proposed have been put into practice, including a new à la carte take-out window at JJ’s Place – which everyone should check out and tell all their friends about, otherwise it will be taken away again if it isn’t deemed popular enough. That would be sad.
  • At one point several side conversations broke out and were brought to an abrupt end by an exasperated cry of “JETS GAME!” that brought everyone back to the business at hand.
  • The Office of Multicultural Affairs has teamed up with Mayor Bloomberg for the Love Love Hate Hate Campaign, which opposes hate crimes of all natures and stands in support of diversity, equality, and acceptance. Asked to support the initiative, CCSC voted in favor.
  • Finally, the Council was given a preview of the various issues it is aiming to tackle this semester: Gmail vs. Cubmail (aka Cubmail sucks), refining the Global Core, discussing the fallout of Operation Ivy League as it relates to Housing Guide/Drug Policy/Judicial Affairs, streamlining the convoluted process of University Space Reservation, trying to make sense of and simplify the restrictions regarding alcohol policies at group events, extending Hamilton’s hours (so the CC-ers can have somewhere to go read poetry and wear scarves or whatever it is they do late at night while the engineers are working in Mudd), create [real] deadlines for final grades (since many people are under the impression that there actually aren’t any), and Service Learning. Finally, the Council will decide whether it is prudent to take a stance on ROTC. The meeting clocked in at just over 40 minutes and everyone was left early. That’s all, folks. Go Jets! . . . oh wait. Too soon?