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Meeting Tonight: Come One, Come All!

Cicero is chucking the books so he can hit up some free snacks

Psst- What’s that you’re working on?

Rousseau? More like Rou-soooo boring.

The Aeneid? More like Ae need a break from this book.

Legacy of the Mediterranean? More like Let’s-get-zee hell out of here.

Don’t read? SEAS? More like if I do any more of this problem set I’m going to have a SEASzure.

Phew! Put down those books and come to the Bwog meeting tonight at 7 PM in the SGO on Lerner 5, where we promise free food, friendly faces, and a few bad puns.


Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Bwog says:

    @Bwog get a life, the Jets are on.

  • k.l. says:

    @k.l. We Jets fans are probably better off eating our sorrows away at the meeting.


  • SEAS says:


  • why does everyone says:

    @why does everyone think they are funny?

  • YOU GUYS says:


    have you heard of this book i’m reading? no? i forgot, you’re in seas. shudipto.

    1. seas '11 says:

      @seas '11 bitch, tell that to my 800 in critical reading

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous you are a college senior and still under the illusion that SAT scores matter?

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous if you want to prove that you not only read, but are objectively skilled at it, your SAT scores in critical reading do matter, even if you are a “college senior.”

  • :) says:

    @:) No sarcasm: I LOVED these puns! Whoever thought of them – good job!

  • oh come on says:

    @oh come on these were funny! people need to try and not be offended so often. I’m sure bwog very rarely tries to actually hurt anyone’s feelings. Time to put on our big-girl panties, kids.

  • shoot says:

    @shoot i missed the meeting. when is the next one? and what do you usually go over during them?

    1. Matthew says:

      @Matthew No problem! There will be another meeting next Sunday- same time, same place. We eat food, go over the agenda for the week, assign pieces, and ask for pitches. Hope to see you next Sunday!

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