In the past 4 days there have been three break-ins on campus, purportedly all committed by one mysteriously agile burglar. Here’s what the Public Safety alert said:

Three burglaries have occurred on campus since the evening of January 1, 2011. In each case, the suspect attains access into the building, by scaling a wall to an upper floor, and entering through an unlocked window. I have included a photo of the suspect for your information.

If you observe him on campus, call Public Safety immediately, at 212-854-5555. Please remember to close and lock your windows at the end of the business day. If you arrive at work in the morning, and notice your workspace has been tampered with, or the office seems to be in disarray, call Public Safety immediately. Please refrain from touching any items that may have been moved around until an investigation is completed.

An e-mail to the Computer Science Department counseled vigilance: “I saw him in the Mudd building lobby yesterday so he’s targeting our school. He [or she?!]’s been climbing in through windows so make sure you keep yours closed and locked.”

Update: Here is a second alert that Public Safety has released, detailing how a burglar in Pupin and Hamilton “gained entry [to offices] by using a fire extinguisher to beak the glass to the main suite door.” After contacting Public Safety, Bwog has learned that Schermerhorn is a third building that was broken into but not mentioned in any alerts.