Professor Playlist: EE Wiz, Charles Zukowski

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Bwog has jammed with the JJ’s Place guys, shaked to Shakira with Dean Peña-Mora, and sung a Sesame song with Dean Denburg. In the latest edition of  Professor Playlists, Bwog finds out what’s buzzing in Professor Charles Zukowski’s ear-buds.

And the electrical engineering big-shot has a request!

One of the types of music I collect is just about anything
with sudden loud or jarring parts.  I would love to get
suggestions for more such “wake-up” songs.

Image via CU.

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  1. Suggestor  

    Given the stuff up there he might like "New Born" by Muse.

  2. Deaf

    "Art Star" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  3. If it's heavy you want...

    Sonic Youth - "Expressway to Yr Skull"

    Mogwai - "Like Herod"

    The Refused - "New Noise"


    By the Pixies.

  5. could you please  

    get Leijla Kucukalic's playlist? she makes so many obscure music references in class and i bet it'd be good

  6. what about  

    Paranoid Android - Radiohead. If he likes the Pixies...

  7. you know what?  

    I want a Bwog feature with FAKE music tastes for famous Columbia professors and staff. Like just hilarious guesses as to what PrezBo listens to (I guess a lot of Bieber). I really enjoy finding out what these professors actually listen to but the conjecture process has the potential to be even better....

  8. awesome music  

    but a strange mug shot

  9. 'wake-up bands' dude would probably like  

    Teenage Jesus + the Jerks, DNA, MARS etc.
    This Heat
    Moss Icon
    Indian Summer
    probably forgetting some more good stuff...

    • Anonymous

      Who are you??? I've been dying to meet another Swans fan on this campus for a while. Sorry if this is weird but PLEEEEEASE e-mail me at [email protected]!!

  10. Oh good

    it's like me in 7th grade!

  11. ummm  

    isnt that the pedophile TA?

  12. Anonymous

    APHEX TWIN! Almost anything by him.

  13. WHEN  




  14. Anonymous  

    Professor Zukowski is awesome, like most EE professors.

    A better and more recent photo of Professor Zukowski chillin' with EE students in the EE lounge:


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