Walmart Albany: Albany... it's the NYC of the future!

Bloomberg loves that The New Yorker thinks only Bloomberg can love Bloomberg, but New Yorkers love Bloomberg, too. (Cityroom)

Realizing how greatly the were outnumbered, Wal-Mart bailed on a City Council hearing regarding their own plans to open a store in East New York. (Gothamist, NYT)

Since the New York City schools chancellor attends school-closing hearings, New Yorkers have the satisfaction of heckling her to her face. (NY Post)

Cornell’s police broke-up their second annual “Epic Snowball Fight.” Some students retaliated, but fortunately the only casualty was a six-foot snow penis. (Cornell Daily Sun)

In Egypt, pro-Mubarak “protesters” and government thugs have been systematically stalking and beating foreign journalists. ABC news has a long list of all the attacks so far. (NYT, ABC)

New GI Bill makes vets pay for part of tuition. (Spec)