John Law (and Order)

Floridita (you know, that Cuban restaurant that was relocated due to Manhattanville expansion) is suing Columbia University for moving it to a building contaminated with asbestos. This isn’t the first of Columbia’s asbestos-related issues. (Village Voice)

Starbucks’ new 31-ounce Trenta cup can hold an entire bottle of wine. Oh, the possibilities! (Eater)

A Connecticut pot grower inadvertently turns himself in the the police when he calls 911 to ask “how much trouble you can get in for [growing] one plant.” This is, like, totally not fair. He was just wondering… (Daily Intel)

Sarah and Bristol Palin are looking to trademark their names. Apparently, a successful trademark “could also prevent the misuse of the women’s image on things like bobblehead dolls and sex toys.” Aw, shucks. (ABC)

Yesterday afternoon, hundreds convened in Times Square in a protest to promote Egyptian democracy. Here are some photos. (Gothamist)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons