Today's Bwoglines is beefy like this live beef.

It’s a meaty Bwoglines today, but real things are happening, and we gotta keep you informed!

The Department of City Planning has given Columbia’s new Baker Field plan 11-1 approval, allowing it to reserve only 1.5 percent of its property to public waterfront access instead of the usual 15 percent. Because the Inwood Community Board was deadlocked in its October discussion of the Baker Field expansion, the decision was passed to the City Planning Commission. The main issue with the new plan stems from the fact that Columbia’s proposed 30-acre property does not meet all of the public benefits required for a waterfront property of its size. Inwood public opinion remains divided on this issue, with some like City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez opposed to the decision, and others like City Councilman Robert Jackson in support of Columbia, though still mindful of the community’s concerns. (DNAinfo)

Anaheim school officials are now requiring seventh and eighth-graders with a record of four or more unexcused absences to carry a handheld GPS device that reminds them to come to school in the morning and requires them to “check in” five times a day. It’s like Foursquare…but not! (Orange County Register)

Isaac Lara, CC ’11, recently appeared on CNN en Español to discuss the Roosevelt Institute, the nation’s first student-run progressive think-tank focusing on public policy (the video is still pending). Though he mainly discussed the youth movement and its role in unrest developing in the Middle East and elsewhere, reporter Patricia Ramos also asked him for his thoughts on whether a drug problem exists in the United States. Looks like people still haven’t forgotten about Operation Ivy League…(CNN en Español)

For all those who have been eagerly following Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding preparations (we’re sure there are many of you), prepare to check your Lerner mailbox in a few weeks (or months) to see if you’ve received your invitation to the gala event of the year—Will and Kate’s wedding! Don’t worry, ladies. The wedding’s set for April 29th, so there’s still time for dear Will to come to his senses and return to you. (People)

In a letter to the editor, MiMoo writes to correct “serious factual errors” in Spec’s coverage of the ROTC debate. In its report on Tuesday night’s ROTC debate, its headline read “College dean speaks out in favor of ROTC.” MiMoo argues that this is a complete misinterpretation of her closing remark: “So, I invite you to consider whether the right question may no longer be ‘How could we ever formally recognize ROTC on our campus?’ but, instead, ‘How can we not welcome them back?’ Please do not shy away from this important debate.” Spec has since apologized and updated the article to include the accurate quote. (Spec)

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