Inner city pressures

A mixed bag of news graces this morning’s bwoglines, but except for the announcement that Arianna Huffington will present the keynote address at the Columbia Spectator’s Annual Awards Dinner, it’s pretty much the worst of times.

A winter storm warning is in effect till Wednesday evening.  University weather related updates say, as we’d expect, school’s pretty much open, it’s just going to be a lot more difficult getting in. How this will bear on Groundhog Day tomorrow is to be seen, although we’d need it to actually get out of his hole to even try to see its own shadow.

James Franco is to teach a class-on himself.  At Columbia College. Before you run to the class directory to search for said class/unleash a roar of frustration, we should probably add it’s Columbia College Hollywood where he’s offering the film class—Editing James Franco…With James Franco.

Certainly not the best of times for Hosni Mubarak, not least in New York

Rounding it all up- the worst of the best?  New York City is number 50 on the list of top 50 cities for hospital care.