Bwog wishes dating still worked like this.

CBS ’11 students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer have created Date My School—an online dating site that helps studious, yet social media-inclined students from different universities meet each other. The site “now has more than 7,000 users, including some from the Fashion Institute of Technology because, Mr. Meyer said, a friend convinced him that there were a lot of attractive women there — women who specifically ‘wanted to date guys at Columbia.'” (NYT)

In the game of “sexual economics,” men, even those “failing in life,” are winning out because young, attractive women continue to date them. Contemporary sexual relationships favor men, because though women hold the proverbial sexual purse strings, they aren’t asking for much in return, thereby lowering the “market price” of sex. Econ majors, take note! (Slate)

After a two day bed bug summit in Washington DC, results conclude that New York’s hopes are grim. Entomologist Gil Bloom says that the “bed bugs are not going away any time soon.” (EPA, Gothamist)

Headlines just don’t get more self-explanatory than this: “Deadly five-alarm Brooklyn fire caused by candles that were knocked over during voodoo sex ritual.” (NYPost)

In Libya, Colonel Ghadafi is now arming his civilian supporters to establish checkpoints and street patrols. The United States has imposed unilateral sanctions against Libya, and the UN Security Council is meeting in New York today to discuss the imposition of an international sanction. American, French, German, and British diplomats have also drafted a resolution for the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity in Libya. (WashPo, NYT)

Flirting via Wikimedia Commons