Now there’s something unexpected from Columbia’s new home page. Bwog cartoonist extraordinaire Jody Zellman pointed out to us that if you are choosey enough with your words, you can get some very interesting results from the home page’s search box that now has an autocomplete feature. People have been having fun with Google‘s autocomplete for years, but now you don’t even have to leave our bubble on the Internet to giggle like a little boy at what comes up. Some other phrases that yield surprising results include “i want,” “how to,” and “this is for.” Share any more you find in the comments!

While the results of these searches are legitimate (a lot have Ask Alice results), we still can’t tell how the suggestions themselves are populated. However, in poking around the source of the site, we did find this little gem:

var suggestExclude = /anal|sex|fuck|vagina|anus|bestiality|cum|semen|ass|breast|boob|

After locking up some Bwog CS majors in a room and feeding them shots every five minutes, they told us if any of these phrases are present in an autocomplete suggestion (without regard to capitalization), the suggestion won’t show up. Well, rightly so!