Scam Alert: The One Listserv You Didn’t Sign Up For in the Fall

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Amid those emails from your TA and that club you went to once just for that cute girl, you may have noticed messages from mysterious aliases, [email protected] or [email protected], inviting you to join an even more cryptic “Columbia Listserv.” While these emails may appear to be legitimate and the site claims to be “institution-sponsored,” CUIT gave us the following statement yesterday:

Columbia University Information Technology is aware of unsolicited emails received by students that promotes ‘Columbia University listserv’ or Columbia-listserv-cc’. This company has no connection to Columbia University and has now been blocked from contacting students via email.

If you have created an account on this site thinking it was Columbia-affiliated, we recommend you delete it immediately. That is, unless you want to grant the right to “use, copy, reproduce […] stream, broadcast or otherwise exploit” what you post. Remember, not everything that claims to be true on the Internet is actually true! For instance, here’s a video of a recent statement President Obama made on the POTUS Project.

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  1. Anonymous  

    thank you for reporting, Bwog. Some people just can't just "that blog shit" down.

  2. hmmmm

    i can't figure out how to delete it! help.

  3. ...  

    if you put the password you use for your uni into it, change it now.

    also, their whois records actually have columbia listed.

  4. [email protected] Army  

    We are working on a solution now. They have been harassing us too: We do not forgive, We do not forget, expect us listserv

    • Columbia Student  

      [email protected] is the biggest group of self-aggrandizing losers on campus.

  5. LOL

    Wilfred Chan STAFF
    From the website:
    “ was created in February of 2011 in partnerships with institutions of higher learning across the United States."
    In other words, the online platform is powered by, but is a Columbia initiative. Also note that the email was sent out to the entire Columbia University student body and faculty mailing list ([email protected]) which is maintained by the University.
    So in response to your comment, yes, this is highly ‘connect to the university’."

    Don't believe everything you read, sir. "if i read it on spectrum it's a fact fool"

    • [email protected] Army  

      no, all our emails are public, if they wanted, they would harvest them all

    • he added a correction  

      which you conveniently ignored...

      "Correction: Looks like I was wrong. Very sorry for the confusion caused. I thought it would be reasonable to assume any listserv with access to all student/faculty emails would be managed by the University, but clearly I was incorrect. Here is an email from the University to our editor-in-chief Sam Roth, clarifying that there is no connection between CU and"

  6. Jacon

    Hi Community, I'm the one behind the Columbia Listserv.

    The site is not a scam. It is a legitimate site.

    I am an alum of this school. I graduated in 2008. I love my school. I am very proud of this school, and I'm very proud of this community.

    I could have handled the launch of this site in a better way, and for that I apologize. I was not in charge of the marketing of the site-- merely the programming. The site is completely 100% run by volunteers such as myself.

    I am not here to scam anyone, but rather, this is the result of hundreds of man-hours of work. The result is a legitimate product that is completely 100% non-profit.

    Feel free to check out the site. You will see the hard work that was put behind it, and the benefit it serves the Columbia community.


    • Anonymous  

      The also owns

      In his youth, I believe he played Magic cards. This was his favorite one:

    • Anonymous  

      Fuck you for pretending to be something you're not. I wish I had the time, effort, energy, and standing to sue the ever-living shit out of you.

    • Anonymous

      Mistake number one: LISTSERV is a registered trademark. I wouldn't be surprised if you get dragged into the ICANN Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy process.

      Mistake number two: There is absolutely no disclosure of who the hell is. Your "About" section is scant, the WHOIS domain registration is obviously falsified (435 West 116th Street is the Law School!) -- I'm assuming you're going for some facebook type thing, considering that all your lists are based on universities.

      Mistake number three: When you say "in partnership with institutions of higher learning", that implies that the administrations of said institutions are involved and officially sanction it. Obviously, judging by the response from the *official* channels of Columbia, you are not.

      Also, stop saying that "sell my soul to the devil before I would ever scam anybody". We don't believe you. If you want to start people to believe you, make your website that doesn't look like a scam.

  7. I joined Listserv

    How do I remove myself from the site?

  8. how to  

    delete account? there is no option for this!

  9. Jacob

    You may email us at [email protected] and request that your account be deleted. All accounts that are non-active in the next month will be deleted automatically.

    I love my school, and I'm very proud of this school.

    • Anonymous

      Oh fuck no.

      Do a Google search for the terms Autoadmit, ElGreco, and listserv. Apparently, the owner of has been using a law school admissions discussion board to spam his venture. And ElGreco has a "colorful" posting history there. And there are repeated references to a Michael Ici Li, who, from the looks of it, is our guy (Columbia alum, web programmer, sounds douchey.)

      • Anonymous

        Fuck, this is Greco?!?! I remember seeing all of his shit all over Auto a year ago. I remember now he was starting something that everyone kept calling a piece of crap.

  10. Jacob

    You may email us at platynota at gmail dot com and request that your account be deleted. All accounts that are non-active in the next month will be deleted automatically.
    I love my school, and I’m very proud of this school.

  11. Jacob

    I would sell my soul to the devil before I would ever scam anybody. This site is absolutely not a scam. This project is, and continues to be my pride and joy. I want to bring people together, not tear them apart.

    Passwords, emails, and other sensitive data are always encrypted, so I don't know who is spreading misinformation about that. Users' information is completely protected. I would never do anything to hurt anybody or jeopardize anyone. I love this school, I love people.

    I am an alum of this school.

    I am a servant to this community.

  12. i wish obama was a pile of kittens  

    Anish, did you write this post?

  13. They're blocking

    They're blocking anythig with boguncensored in it, which has the identity...

    • Anonymous

      The trick is that you can't just post contact information. You have to lead readers to it.

      The people at have figured out the identity of a poster on their forums that keeps on pushing this listserv idea. This person owns the domain, and by using WHOIS, you can find contact information.

  14. Anonymous  

    I was about to sign up for this but then stopped just out of laziness.

  15. you know what really irks me?

    when they make soft candy versions of hard candy. like life savers gummies? what is that shit? its like candy cross dressing.

  16. Anonymous  

    the next mark zuckerberg or miserable failure? you decide.

  17. ...  

    google search:
    oocities eternityax

    LOL oh michael

  18. alex

    I figured it was some bs scam looking for you to use the same password as you do for cubmail and courseworks. I suggest you change your password if you signed up for listserv

  19. Anonymous  

    Why do you think kittens do that?

    Any animal psychology majors out here? Help me out.

  20. Anonymous  

    Facebook search the email that "Jacob" keeps putting up. Some random Asian girl: no visible connections to Columbia or any other university for that matter.

    P.S. Did you pose as Mark fucking Zuckerberg to trump your shit up on the site?

    Hope his attorneys get wind of that.

  21. Anonymous  

    Also, here are the domains you wanna check out:

    * neuralmesh

    Start your diggin!

  22. Domain  

    is down!!! How can I delete my account :(

  23. Anonymous  

    Looks like Bwog tried to stop the uncensored people -- from bwog uncensored news on the side --

    March 2nd, 2011: With the recent disclosure of the ListServ asshole, Bwog got smart and figured out how to trick us -- they changed the content of the post without removing it, defeating our ID system. Rest assured we have a work around.

    So, the post is back up.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. Does this mean that Bwog can directly edit comments with impunity? GRRRRRRRRRRR. Bwog is a bunch of happy-go-lucky really really nice guys that can go find a stranger in the alps! Dick cheneys.

      • Anonymous  

        Yea. It was no doubt some tricky shit.

        And I think they've done this quite a bit before too.

        Good thing uncensored finally caught onto it.

      • Anonymous  

        But hey -- on second thought,


        Uncensored is awesome for restoring the identity post, but Bwog is the real hero here.

        And also, all of us commenters and complainers, I think, must be responsible for the website going down.

        PATS ON THE BACK TO EVERYONE. Well done kidz.

  24. pretty sure  

    that's a standard feature of wordpress. i did this wordpress blog with a friend back in high school and it let us edit comments. we didn't have any reason to edit them, of course, but the capability is there. it's a little unsettling, but i guess that anon is right: bwog brought this to our attention and only censored a couple of comments that could have gotten them sued or something.

    • Claire  (Bwog Staff)  

      We remove comments that violate our comment policy. This includes comments that contain sensitive private information about individuals. In this instance rather than removing the entire comment, we removed the sensitive information and left the rest of the comment. We never editorialize comments, only remove parts of them, or the entire thing.

  25. seems like

    nobody´s on team jacob

  26. AAA

    He wants become 2nd Mark Zuckerberg! LOL

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