Amid those emails from your TA and that club you went to once just for that cute girl, you may have noticed messages from mysterious aliases, lists-cc@columbia-listserv-cc.listserv.org or columbia@lists-columbia.listserv.org, inviting you to join an even more cryptic “Columbia Listserv.” While these emails may appear to be legitimate and the site claims to be “institution-sponsored,” CUIT gave us the following statement yesterday:

Columbia University Information Technology is aware of unsolicited emails received by students that promotes ‘Columbia University listserv’ or Columbia-listserv-cc’. This company has no connection to Columbia University and has now been blocked from contacting students via email.

If you have created an account on this site thinking it was Columbia-affiliated, we recommend you delete it immediately. That is, unless you want to grant Listserv.org the right to “use, copy, reproduce […] stream, broadcast or otherwise exploit” what you post. Remember, not everything that claims to be true on the Internet is actually true! For instance, here’s a video of a recent statement President Obama made on the POTUS Project.