Who Can Chuckle More Smugly…

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  1. That bearded guy with the headphones  

    actually said some profound things. Too bad he undermined his contribution by scarfing down a Whopper on camera.

  2. wow  

    funniest thing i have watched in a long time. some seriously impressive mental acrobatics indeed.

  3. Anonymous  

    Watching these videos makes me feel helpless...I fucking hate fox news but there is very little i can do about it...

  4. Anonymous

    how hard is it for them to just say, "You are oversimplifying things." and do so without a cheeseburger in their mouth

  5. worst. editing. ever.

    Fox News can't keep their audience sitting down for more than 2.7 seconds without cutting to something equally stupid, but unrelated.

    Also, fuck them. At least 60,000 a year buys us the ability to give dumb answers to a dumb fucking question.

    I'm mad now. thanks.

  6. Anonymous  

    it was not a whopper it was an egg sandwich from M2M

  7. also

    Can we have a baseless feud with a more relevant Fox-News personality than Bill O'Reilly?

  8. Anonymous

    josh is winning

  9. Anonymous  

    Umm, I don't find the egg sandwich offensive so much as hilarious. This is all a bullshit pageant. Have your breakfast, friend. Also, date me.

  10. Anonymous  

    For the record Christian terrorists=IRA

    • Everyone forgets that

      religions go through their cycles. Islam is one of the newest religions. Read the Old Testament. The Jews conquer and subjugate tons of people. Check out how the Christians took control of Rome and spread Christianity forcibly. Oh yeah, and the Inquisition. How can we forget about the Inquisition.

      All religions have been and still are violent (at least a little bit).

      What about the Sabra and Shatila massacre in 1982 when the Christians massacred Palestinians and Lebanese civilians?

      Fuckin' O'Reilly. If I ever meet him, I'd punch him square in the face.

  11. Anonymous  

    What a fucking joke

  12. Philo member  

    Philo solved its "Muslim problem" by electing our resident Muslim Moderator of the Society. He promised that we'll be spared when he purges the infidels, but I'm not sure I believe him.

  13. Anonymous  

    also: Timothy Mcveigh.

  14. Anonymous  

    just another example of how fox news takes a kernel of what you say and turns it into a mockery

  15. The ghost of Joe Strummer  


  16. Anonymous  


    \yeah that's it, me and my many graduate degrees can't comprehend fox news.\

    actually, they can't. in his ivory tower, he'll never understand how fox appeals to the common man, no matter how progressive he claims to be. elitist.

    • ...  

      yeah... that guy was a tool. gs guy con sándwich de huevo had something to say. this guy was unable to articulate anything of value.

      • Anonymous

        He wasn't trying to. In fact I think he was trying to get away from them.

        Also, pretty sure the "many graduate degrees" thing was a joke, because if that's the guy I'm thinking of he's an undergrad.

  17. Anon  

    Any respect that I had for Fox News as a news source is lost. Wow.

  18. /that's/ how to do an investigative report  

    rational statement -> cut to clip of daffy duck

  19. C'mon  

    I don't hate Fox News... and I suppose a clip like this appearing on a notoriously conservative program makes sense. But I think this was a sloppy way to contribute to a discussion of this issue; they mocked legitimate points that I sure as hell wouldn't dismiss! What's wrong with conceding that 'Muslim' is a term that applies to a spectrum of beliefs/practices? I am a Christian and take issue with plenty of Islamic practices for my own petty reasons but to deny that there is a difference between the moderate majority and the violent extremist minority is just plain ignorant.

  20. Anonymous

    Obviously O'Reilly's show is not journalistic work, it's a commentary program, and that doesn't require any sort of research, or necessarily logic. But I'm pretty sure the other clip's supposed to be from a news program, and they still obviously hadn't done their homework (13 or 14 ivy league schools... really. They could have at least looked in Wikipedia). They could at least attempt to half-ass being a reputable news source.

  21. Anonymous  

    i wish bill o'reilly could see what an absolute moron he is

    people have to stop listening to this guy

  22. Who IS he???

    Bearded sandwich guy, I mean. And why haven't I met him on campus? He = amazing.

  23. Anonymous  

    the comments there are hilarious: One gem "And we let these fols vote at 18. What were we thinking. Oh thats right it was yhe dems behind that one. needed more brainwashed voters. Parents I hope you are proud of your sons and daughters. They will be the first to lose their heads. You can not realisticly deal with a cult"--clearly he/she never took CC. What up, bitch?

    • LOL  

      "Those asylum escapees need a dose of reality. Good thing those flower children wannabes have mommy and daddy to pay Codumbia for their education . Wait until they get out and have to forage on their own. They won't have the brains, character or sense to fend for themselves or make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Bunch o' losers."

      lol!!! why "asylum escapees" though??

  24. Anonymous  

    who's the babe who said she'd fight terrorism with love?

    if she were a president, her name would be baberaham lincoln

  25. Anonymous  

    Kind of ironic to talk about immaturity with the number of smash cuts to ridiculous shit in this segment

  26. Anonymous

    This is just the type of craaazzzyyyy stuff that goes on on college campuses! Silly college students.

  27. Austin Powers movies  

    i'm relevant again! YEAH BABY

  28. Anonymous

    Christian terrorists?

    1) IRA
    2) Abortion clinic bombers/doctor murders
    3) Oklahoma City Bomber
    4) The guy who just shot that Arizona US House rep.
    5) I think Fred Phelps counts

  29. Anonymous  

    It's just so absurd. The fact that people can watch that and think that those two men can come off as rational and on the right side of things, makes me question how much we as people all actually have in common.

    • Anonymous  

      Take psychology. It's not so mystifying.

      • Anonymous  

        Care to explain rather than just giving a short snippy answer?

        • Anonymous  

          Confirmation bias. People seek out opinions that they already have, like the crap O'Reilly spouts about Muslims, and they accept his "evidence" and discredit evidence that seems to contradict him. The same happens on the liberal end. This contributes to further group polarization. The fact that people are afraid of Muslims in the first place can be traced to the out-group homogeneity effect in which people perceive members of social groups of which they are not a part to be more homogeneous than their own groups. This is why O'Reilly's audience views every Muslim as a terrorist when the reality is much more complex.

    • Anon

      Take Anthropology. What all people have in common is the potential to be different.

  30. What's with  

    all the Austin Powers clips??

  31. Anonymous  

    On that casual sex clip...these people are basically saying that people only have sex because of peer pressure. Have they never had an orgasm before?

  32. How long...  

    ...until Fox starts asking if anyone has a final solution to die Judenfrage?

  33. v  

    bearded m2m sandwich dude is kinda cute <3

  34. Thinking about love  

    In theory, if one was to take a purely Christian outlook, won't you fight with love and turn the other cheek. IF they shot you, won't you give them more fact, it was the more liberal authors in CC1102 the set up government as a protector of worldly things.

  35. Anonymous  

    sandwich guy, you are my hero.

  36. Bill O'Reilly  

    Is a little bitch

  37. classof2015kid

    people who watch this (the common man, as they refer to, as if we were suddenly back in the late 1700s) will start having anti-Islam sentiments in their head because some silly rhetoric automatically renders intellectuals incapable of defending a demographic of people who are struggling and being ripped on because there is a certain aspect of their religion/culture/whatever that is extremist. This isn't the way to inform the "common" man about the "muslim issue." What's your intention here? To slander? Then you are outright biased and stupid (FOX NEWS) To inform? Then you're doing it utterly wrong.
    Crack open bbc news maybe once in your life, someone on the fucking fox news board and stop this shit before it gets on the air before i have to get a missile launcher myself

  38. Anonymous  

    The responses students gave were (for the most part) intelligent and accurate. I'm glad to see that everyone put their Columbia education to use and actually gave responses that weren't just filled with senseless hate. However, this "reporting" just reminds me that Bill O'Reilly and Fox News are actually not reporting news at all. They just spew racist, prejudiced hate. The Muslims are taking the brunt of the heat now, but watch your back people. If you're anything but a WASP, you might be next.

    P.S. Rock on sandwich man. I understand that when you're hungry, you really don't give a damn. Food calls.

  39. Anonymous  

    This was hilarious--I agree with all the students responses. I would probably have found a way to turn it on them and start asking questions. Maybe something along the lines of a higher percentage of white males have lied on their taxes than Muslims have performed acts of terrorism, but I am not going to automatically infer that every white person now lies on taxes AND hates the government because of it.

  40. Anonymous

    sandwich guy was awesome "can't we all be [immature]? After all, I am the one eating a sandwich." lol brilliant. also, "doing mental acrobats"... don't you mean mental acrobatics?

  41. Anonymous  

    Also, the implication at the end that it was somehow their own tapes which were decisive in NPR's president leaving is totally misleading. Typical.

  42. great  

    WE FAMOUS YALL. Columbia hasn't been in the news enough recently. FINALLY a major news network is paying attention to us for this newsworthy event - giving opinions after being asked. Quite the scandal. Also, was the point of the interview to get a handle on the "Muslim problem" or to embarrass us? Why did they bring up the ROTC vet thing? I also LOVE how $60,000 tuition is just HILARIOUS - like what a waste of money! If we don't graduate loving Fox News then that money was a waste. Not like at Trinity, Marist, BU or Harvard. They just love Fox News there.

  43. Anonymous  

    sandwich man was formerly that odd blue-haired kid chillin in Butler. now he is the MAN. he didn't take a single aspect of that seriously, and his responses were both hilarious and sharp. hell yeeeah, sandwich man. i'd love to blaze with you sometime. our brilliant, CC-inspired highphilosophizing would make a much better show/social commentary than bill o'reilly.

  44. Not all republicans...

    ..are the bad guys you want them to be. If you think a network like CNN is not preaching propaganda to the choir, you're just as narrow-minded as you claim viewers of Fox News are (but that's a different story.)

    Either way, this clip totally offended me. It was racist, pulling quotes out of context and ... well, offended the institution i attend, know, and love. I sure as heck don't feel my tuition $$ was wasted...

  45. Sandwich guy

    == major cutie.

  46. mumtaz

    bill sucks and he smells like poop

  47. Anonymous  

    this is so frustrating! our students actually gave some decent answers and o'reilly's response is just oh crazy college kids. well yeah when you splice in every two seconds clips from cartoons and animal house, YOU end up as the immature one. it wasn't even "mental acrobatics" they were giving just giving a slightly nuanced answer to what is a really complicated issue in a situation where they have a two second response time. it's only mental acrobatics for idiots like o'reilly. and the "many graduate degrees" comment wasn't pretentious, it was FOX news is stupid and i have the intellectual facilities to prove it. we all know anyone who can UNDERSTAND ENGLISH knows FOX "news" is bs. RAWR.

  48. Anonymous  

    how was this "reporting"? confirmation bias anyone????

  49. Anonymous  

    chillllld puhleeez. o'reilly, we all know it doesn't take a $60,000 education to know ur fill of shit :)

  50. Um...

    Blackwater, anyone? Our country is responsible for a great deal of international civilians deaths -- we just have a 10,000 miles and a pretty good intelligence department to keep us from thinking about it all the time.

  51. hahaha  

    comments are now disabled on the fox news site. maybe they didn't like being mocked?

  52. hmm  

    I wonder why they didn't ask any Muslim-looking people this question!

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