Five Guys Goes Live

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At 11:10 this morning, 5 Guys finally opened their doors. A handful of eager things-between-buns enthusiasts were waiting to be let in, while the owner apparently dealt with last minute issues with his landlord. In any event, the place looks, well, fine. It’s spacious and airy, but the decor is pretty minimal and inexpensive. Let’s just say they’re not really looking to compete with Mel’s in terms of atmosphere. The highlight is definitely the completely exposed kitchen, where you can see your meal being prepared in various oily ways. The menu is pretty simple: burgers with the option of cheese and/or bacon plus free toppings, and three iterations of a veggie/cheese sandwich. The meat is fresh and can only be ordered well-done. We’ll be posting an in-depth comparative review of the two joints, once our Beef Patty Bureau Chiefs return from their well-earned vacations (though we did wave hi to the Spectrum editor and he said the fries were gross). In the meantime, enjoy these photos and let us know what you think for yourself!

Warning! Don’t go near this place if you have peanut allergies

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  1. Damn,

    all hopes of me ever eating healthy just went out the window

  2. person  

    And then out of nowhere the NYPD showed up and arrested the five guys.

  3. weed

    cant wait for high 5 five runs

  4. Anonymous  

    umm. why are they only allowing well-done burgers? that's bullshit. Medium-rare baby.

  5. actually

    Went to get a burger and the manager said they weren't opening until Tuesday. just fyi.

  6. Anonymous

    i bet the founder of Five Guys had an elementary school bully who was allergic to peanuts.

  7. Innuendo

    I can't wait to have Five Guys at once!

  8. Do they  

    take credit/debit?

  9. why  

    am i still drunk?

  10. They aren't...  


    Tuesday is the opening.

  11. Anonymous  

    pretty sure they aren't trying to compete with Mel's as far as atmosphere, they're more like the burger chipotle not a sit-down place with a bar.

  12. michelle obama

    mad cuz she like to force ppl to eat good

  13. Anonymous  


    Tuesday? I could be dead by Tuesday.

  14. Lost in Morningside

    address please

  15. cc10

    the regular fries are gross. go cajun or go home.

  16. Anonymous


  17. Hey Bwog...  

    ...any way we could get some hours of operation up in this piece?

  18. Anonymous  

    Still not open.

  19. Anonymous

    Bwog, who sends a vegetarian to scope out a Five Guys?

  20. Anonymous

    5 guys is far and away the best mid-range burger (3$ - 10$) you can find. Kicks the shit out of fastfood (wendy's, mcdonalds, bk), annihilates In-n-Out... they're simply awesome burgers for the price. The only place that competes is Shake Shack-- but even their burgers are still not quite as good and they're way pricier.

    There's no point in even talking about the atmosphere-- 5 guys is in no way trying to compete with Mel's. 5 guys is all about burgers-- not overpriced beer and milkshakes. People will go to 5 guys for dinner and then if they so desire, they can go to Mel's for the circa 2010 authentic Campo experience.

  21. going crazy  

    i'm trippin balls and FIVE GUYS IS STILL NOT OPEN

  22. bwog  

    any chance you could give us an update on this?

  23. Anonymous  

    yeah, what the hell is the story? you guys are derelict on the one interesting thing happening in this neighborhood.

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